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Dept. of Edible Spin-Offs


To all ye faithful scribble readers: First you had to accept infrequent (to nonexistent) updates when I started blogging for the Smithsonian over at the Gist. Bless you for following me over there, those of you who did.

And now the Gist has dried up – what’s next? Well, I seem to have found myself in the middle of a new blog about food, science, and culture, also hosted at Smithsonian. So please check in over there for twice-weekly yumminess from me, plus some extras every day by co-blogger Amanda Bensen.

The blog is called Food & Think. Just recently, we’ve learned about where turkeys came from, why your stomach is like a bagpipe, and the last meal of an ancient iceman. Check it out – and thanks for reading.

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