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Inside Scoop: Antarctica

I’m still working the Antarctica angle. I just wrote two stories about my time on a windswept, icebound lava plain for the most recent issue of Woods Hole’s magazine, Oceanus. Editor Lonny Lippsett said he thought this might be an opportune time to get into the audio slideshow business, and did I want to give it a try?

One thing led to another and I found myself combing through 1,600 of Chris Linder‘s photos from that week (Dec 10-18, 2007). At first we were talking about maybe a dozen pictures and a short caption spoken by me. But there was so much to say – Chris’s photos caught so much, and reminded me of all the things I didn’t get to write about while I was there. Eventually, I had five and a half minutes of Quicktime video assembled using iMovie. Give it a look and watch me work the Ken Burns effect!

(The version on YouTube loads faster, but the resolution is a lot worse.)

(Image: Chris Linder/WHOI)

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